State of Decay 2’s World is Substantially Larger; Has ‘Faded Americana’ Look

State of Decay 2’s World is Substantially Larger; Has ‘Faded Americana’ Look

As you may remember, open-world zombie survival RPG State of Decay released back in 2013 . Then during E3 2016, a sequel, State of Decay 2 was announced. Since then, things have been quiet from developer Undead Labs. That is, until now.

In a new interview with IGN, Undead Labs CEO Jeff Strain revealed some new details about the game.

The interview begins with Strain confirming the playable area in State of Decay 2 is “substantially larger” than the previous game. However, further specifics, such as map size, regions, etc., were not divulged, as Strain said the developer isn’t ready to talk about any of that yet.

Strain adds:

The millions of State of Decay players have been clear about what they want in State of Decay 2: A bigger, better State of Decay they can play with their friends. We intend to deliver on all of those.”

The conversation then moves on to multiplayer. According to Strain, the primary goal for multiplayer is to have other players bring an interesting new dynamic to the situation, but not to be able to take over or ruin your experience, because the game is not meant to be a PVP game. This means other players can’t directly attack you or your community members, nor go into your base, or tear down your facilities. But they can be hostile, and affect your world and situation in meaningful ways. How exactly? Well, the following example was given:

“The simple example of this is someone making noise and the zombie simulation responding. You may find yourself in a situation where one of your characters ends up getting killed because your guest made a racket that you couldn’t deal with. This goes both ways though. You may end up causing a situation that gets one of your guest’s characters killed, permanently.”

The CEO adds:

“The heart of State of Decay is consequences, and we need to make sure that other players are more than just an awesome addition to moment-to-moment gameplay; they need to become a part of the story based on the agency they have in your world.”

Strain goes on to reveal that while you will be encouraged to play with your friends, with mechanics encouraging teamwork and cooperation, you will not be forced to, and will rather be able to go wherever you want by yourself. According to the CEO, you may not be as effective on your own, but freedom of play style is there.

Lastly, the interview talks about the games jump from CryEngine-based technology to Unreal Engine 4, and what changes that brings. Obviously, the most visible benefit will be the game’s visuals according to Strain. This will include higher resolution environments, characters, as well as mores sophisticated lighting, shaders, and effects.

Strain adds that the game’s art director refers to the game’s art style as “Faded Americana,” with a painterly style and color palette “reminiscent of the old Kodak Ektachrome film.”

Additionally, Strain said that Unreal Engine 4 will make it easier for the studio to add new content and features to the game, both before and after release.

State of Decay 2 is slated to release sometime in 2017 for Xbox One and PC.