State of Decay 2 Art Features “Less-Than-Savory Ways” to Survive the Apocalypse

State of Decay 2 Art Features “Less-Than-Savory Ways” to Survive the Apocalypse

Some creepy concept art comes down from State of Decay 2's developer with the second-to-last release expected before PAX East.

Continuing to impress us with the level of artistry and emotion that they can evoke from early concept art, Undead Labs has shared yet another beautiful piece from its much-anticipated State of Decay 2.

With the approach of PAX East, Undead Labs has promised to provide weekly updates to its game’s blog showcasing some of the most horrifying and inspiring works of art used in State of Decay 2‘s early development. This week is no different, as you can see from the image below.


As always, we have a note from the artist of this work. It seems they wanted to demonstrate exactly how color might differ depending on where the player travels. In addition, the team was exploring the level of ingenuity some people might attempt in order to survive.

“This was an early idea where we explored using color to try to evoke the feeling of a higher elevation. We were also debating the idea that some humans might utilize zombies in less-than-savory ways.”

This is the second-to-last piece that we can expect from Undead Labs prior to PAX East. If you’ve missed any of the previously released concept art from Undead Labs over the past few weeks, the gallery below should help you out.