New State of Decay 2 Concept Art Looks Bleak and Bright

New State of Decay 2 Concept Art Looks Bleak and Bright

A new piece of State of Decay 2 concept art is releasing each week as Undead Labs builds up to PAX East.

The team hard at work on State of Decay 2 has just released a new piece of concept art for the game, and the developer says it’s been quite the inspiration.

Leading up to PAX East, which begins March 10, Undead Labs has announced it will be weekly releasing a new piece of art from the four-player co-op game. Last week, the developer’s blog released the serene, but deteriorating, suburban neighborhood shot below.


According to the dev, this scene depicts what happens to the homes of the living when the caretakers are otherwise occupied with surviving.

“Have you ever thought about how fast man-made structures begin to break down when they’re uninhabited? How fast the weeds grow through the concrete and the asphalt, when there are far fewer feet and wheels to crush them, and the proud homeowner with his weed spray is now either hunting or the hunted? Do you know how long it takes a neighborhood to decay?”

This week’s piece of grittiness shows off some of what the game’s population is doing to sustain itself. It’s actually kind of beautiful.


Undead Labs feels the radiance of this work appropriately symbolizes how the developer has grown.

“The story behind this image is really the story of how games are made. The team bringing State of Decay 2 to the world is bigger than it was the first time, and not all of the new people knew the game as intimately as you all know it. We needed something that would illustrate how base building means the people in our world are responsible for their own survival. It needed to make the act of choosing to grow food into something inspiring. What do you think, does this picture do the job?”

Thus far, there’s no release date for State of Decay 2. The game is planned to release on Xbox One and PC. Undead Labs recently announced that further details will be provided at E3 2017.