State of Decay 2 Concept Art Builds on Lighting in Week Three

State of Decay 2 Concept Art Builds on Lighting in Week Three

It's the third week Undead Labs has released concept art in the ramp up to PAX East. Today it focuses on what colors are necessary in different levels of light.

Continuing with its promise of a steady stream of concept art leading up to PAX East, this week Undead Labs offered not one, but two new pieces of art for State of Decay 2.

Over the past few weeks, Undead Labs has released original art images for State of Decay 2 that not only boast how the game has come along, but also how concept art influences a game’s development cycle. According to the developer’s blog, the images shown off this week display the team’s approach to lighting the streets of an abandoned city, but mostly how complex lighting a game can be.

“Not every piece of concept art directly represents something that is in the game. This is a very early piece back when we were working out what a slightly more urban environment might look like, and you shouldn’t expect to see it verbatim. What you can expect to see is what we we’re really doing, which was figuring out what our colors should be under various lighting conditions. It was rigged specifically so we could play with different levels of night and day. In fact, there are two versions of this exact piece. This one is rigged for day, and the other is rigged for night.”


Last week, Undead Labs’ featured concept art commented on how the team developing State of Decay 2 has grown.