State of Decay 2 Update 27 Patch Notes for October 11

New Halloween-themed cosmetics arrived.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

October 11, 2021

The latest State of Decay 2 update is now live and it adds various gameplay and user-experience improvements to the game, as well as the Halloween-themed masks.

While Undead Labs is now officially working on State of Decay 3, the support of the second title in the series still continues. With the Juggernaut Edition, the studio overhauled the game’s visuals and mechanics, but they are not finished yet.

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Update 27, which is now available for all State of Decay 2 players, makes some big changes in vehicles, UI, outposts, missions, and zombies. It also brings three new Halloween masks, as well as the horrifying outfits from the last year’s Halloween event.

Check out the full patch notes for the State of Decay 2 new update down below:

Far Cry 6: Launch Accolades Trailer

Far Cry 6: Launch Accolades Trailer

State of Decay 2 Update 27 Patch Notes

Mask Up for Halloween!

  • Scarecrow Mask
  • Jack-O-Lantern Mask
  • Hockey Mask
  • Swine and Bovine mask and outfit
  • Fearsome Footage bounty pack (Cannibal Mechanic mask and outfit + Skeleton Hoodie outfit)

Red Talon Experiment

We have experimentally cut the following traits from future Red Talon recruits:

  • Dead Zone Runner (grants the Reconnaissance hero bonus)
  • Consul Officer (grants the Owed Favors hero bonus)
  • Diehard Veteran (grants the Utility Vests hero bonus)
  • Vigil Guard (grants the Sleeping in Shifts hero bonus)

Quality-of-Life Improvements


  • We identified and fixed a major cause of the problem where repairing a vehicle would cause it to float around the world or fly into the air. Definitely keep an eye out for this one, because we would love to confirm whether it is really and truly gone, or if we have more potential causes to track down.
  • You can now cram twice as many of a given item into each slot of a vehicle’s inventory. That means two toolkits, six fuel bombs, eighty bullets, etc. Weapons and rucksacks don’t stack.
  • The Screamer no longer breaks phantom versions of your car windows again and again, across multiple screams. The first time those windows break, they now stay broken.
  • A missing passenger door will no longer cause an AI passenger to slither continuously back and forth between the front and rear seats, as fun as that was to watch.
  • Entering the right-rear seat of a vehicle now results in your character slithering all the way up into the driver’s seat., instead of stopping short at the passenger seat.

User Interface

  • Defeated Plague Heart husks now appear on the Map screen until they are fully looted. Hovering on the icon will give you an accounting of what remains to be scavenged.
  • Freaks that are integrated into hordes now show up separately on the mini-map alongside the horde icon, so you can clock incoming bloaters and ferals.
  • Community save slots now display the name of the map where the community currently lives.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing facility actions to report durations that were one minute higher than their actual durations.
  • The Gas Station Jackets now have accurate color swatches to help you identify them at a glance in the Closet.
  • Retailer-specific radio commands that summon exclusive supply drops and vehicles now do a much better job of characterizing what is about to be delivered.
  • The greedy Daybreak technician is no longer hoarding multiple in-world icons to appear above their head. One is enough.


  • The Repair action at the Supply Locker is now consistent for weapons in your inventory and weapons in the locker. By default, this is Hold A on controller, and Hold C with a keyboard.
  • Characters can no longer leap from ladders, as we found that this was primarily done by accident, and from very high places.
  • Players using the old-school combined Dodge/Stealth combo button can now interrupt their aim by dodging again, just like they used to.
  • The Sprint action no longer interrupts aiming unless you have the Toggle Aim option switched on.
  • If you have rebound your Throw (while Grappling) action to the same button as your Aim action, you will no longer release a grappled zombie and aim your gun at it when you meant to throw it. This will probably only help one specific player. You’re welcome, Matt.


  • Zombies can no longer see through wooden fences, cars, or doors. This should make stealth a lot more intuitive, especially in denser environments. (Thanks to GoudaBuddha for noticing this!)
  • Zombies will now spawn in buildings before you enter the building. This means that you can predict what you’ll encounter before entering buildings, and you shouldn’t get ambushed by sudden spawns nearly as frequently while inside. Also, sheds are no longer guaranteed to be safe. Enter at your own risk!


  • Skill training actions at upgraded outposts can now be performed either at the base or in person at the outpost.
  • The Overpriced Hot Dog Stand and the Freaky Garage in Trumbull Valley no longer claim to be outpostable when they are not.
  • The Army Medical Tent near Jurassic Junction can now be claimed as an outpost.
  • We closed an exploit that allowed players to use the Wind Farm’s labor-intensive strategy without sufficient labor.

Bases and Facilities

  • We reworked the Sturdy Bunkhouses at the Farmland Compound to fix an annoying issue with passive activation pop-ups happening too frequently. Now you have full control over whether you want to use it as a 6-bed facility, or as an 8-bed facility with -5 to morale.
  • Crafting actions at the Biochem Station now correctly award the skill experience that they say they do.
  • Base defenders can now successfully climb up into a Sniper Tower built at Camp Kelenqua.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing community members to walk in circles at the Farmland Compound.
  • We improved the way that base facility icons are displayed, especially at unusual aspect ratios.
  • Parking slots now have visible icons, even when you are outside the base.


  • We loosened up the spawning requirements for Trade Depot traders, so hopefully, you should find the radio commands to summon them much more reliable than they were before.
  • Plague Zombies now reliably appear in the initial Medical Emergency mission when you are searching the nearby ruin for plague samples to manufacture your first cure — even if you’ve already scouted the place.
  • You can now threaten the enclave from Warlord: Weapons for All, even after the mission is over, if you’re tired of their overpriced garbage.
  • Alexis Carter now leaves when you ask her to, whenever she ventures out of Trumbull Valley to trade on the other maps.
  • Early Builder, Sheriff, and Warlord missions no longer automatically pin themselves over your other ongoing missions.

Other Stuff

  • Stacks of items are now re-merged in your inventory when you select a skill specialization that increases their limits.
  • We’ve killed all remaining uses of the “slow” animation for picking items up off the ground. No more running into one particular item that seems much harder to pick up than the others.
  • The benefits to ammo stacks from having the Assault skill are now being correctly applied to multiplayer clients.
  • We removed the Red Talon weapons and the Timberwolf from the Rare Weapon Container loot table, as those weapons were available from other sources, and thus more disappointing to roll at random.
  • We increased the cooldown on the dialogue line that explains that you cannot claim a site within plague territory. We suspect that everyone gets it now, and it was getting repetitive.
  • We also fixed numerous minor issues with environment art, collision, navigation, and character outfits.

State of Decay 2 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. You can play it for free through the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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