Stealth Bastard Sneaks Onto the Playstation Network; Pick a Politically Correct Name For It, Win a Vita

By Masoud House

April 2, 2013

Curve Studios have announced Stealth Bastard for the PS3 and PS Vita, a stealth action puzzler platformer that tasks the player with escaping a dangerous lab facility full of deadly robots.

Stealth Bastard looks to change the stealth genre from a waiting game to an action feel. “Gone are the days of hanging around in a locker or a conveniently-placed human-sized crate!”Curve Studios’ lead designer Sam Robinson said. “The mechanical foes of our stealth world are much less forgiving, instantly eviscerating you or your fellow captives on sight!”

The game is said to have a steady difficulty curve that gradually increases across 80 levels, spread over eight unique worlds, with unlockable gadgets, speedrun leaderboards, and a level editor. Levels can take place between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, with secrets to find, and dangerous enemies and traps to avoid, some of which can be seen in the trailer and screenshots below.

Curve Studios also want to make their game a little more politically correct for the Playstation Network, and they’re giving you the chance to suggest a name. If they do choose your name, not only will you get your name in the  Stealth Bastard‘s credits, but you’ll get a free copy of the game when it’s finished, and a free PS Vita to boot. The date for the competition ends on April 14th, so check out the Curve Studios page to offer your idea.

Curiously, the game is already available for free via Steam and the game’s webpage: no price has been announced for the PS3 and Vita yet. Robinson has confirmed that the game will feature the Cross Buy option (although nothing specific about the Cross Save option). While no release date has been confirmed, expect Stealth Bastard on the PSN sometime this Summer.


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