Steam Beta Update Adds Convenient Feature to Track DLC

Steam Beta Update Adds Convenient Feature to Track DLC

Steam’s beta client has received a new update today, adding a handy new feature that tracks the DLC you own for its respective title in the library tab.

By simply viewing your games in the detail view, you can now see all the DLC you own for that game in an info box at the top of its page. For example, in my library I can track all the little bits of DLC I have for Civilization V and realize that yes, I do in fact own the Cradle of Civilization – Asia pack. The info box also allows users to search for DLC and manage it quickly, in case you desire to disable some of it for a more vanilla experience.

This new addition isn’t perfect though, as it doesn’t fluxuate in size for the amount of DLC you own. It seems oddly empty when filled with one piece of DLC, while requiring a lot of scrolling for games that have heaping amounts of additional content like Borderlands 2. Still, it is much easier than having to snoop about in the previous cumbersome manner that required users to dive into the game’s properties window where DLC management had been deeply buried.

The update is available now for all users that have opted in to the Steam beta within the digital distribution platforms client.