New Concurrent User Record Set on Steam

New Concurrent User Record Set on Steam

Valve’s online digital distribution platform Steam has set a new concurrent user record of with 14.2 million players.

The record-breaking user number, which was spotted by Kotaku, was set yesterday morning and is the first time in the service’s history that more than 14.2 million players were logged in simultaneously. As you may remember, last January a similar record was set, however, that number included only 12.3 million players.

The two games pushing the most players were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (675,195) and Dota 2 (951,492), which comes as no surprise as both games have tournaments going on this weekend, and constantly pump out juggernaut numbers.

Other games that helped carry the record-breaking load included, Grand Theft Auto V (116,230 peak users), ARK: Survival Evolved (70,878 peak users), and Team Fortress 2 (70,612 peak users).

Each day Steam shares this type of information, and each day you can check it out via its public Steam Stats page.