Steam Controller Update Improves Shooter Controls, Mouse Regions, and Touch Menu

Valve has given the details on a December update for the Steam Controller which dropped yesterday. The input of NeoGAF user mntorankusu was specifically cited when introducing a new method used to improve first and third person shooter controls. This Mouse-Like Joystick mode makes it so even games that don’t support simultaneous mouse and gamepad input now have mouse accuracy.

The mouse regions are for RTS and RPG genres specifically, for the “minimaps, spell bars, inventory slots, and so on.” The mouse region is a customization option where you can map the trackpad to a specific region on the map for quicker response. They also included a video showing how it works in a game such as Diablo 3.

The touch menu is for hotkeys, which allows for a configuration of up to 16 buttons to be mapped onto a trackpad.

For a future update, it was teased that the Steam Controller would become compatible with non-Steam games, such as World of Warcraft. There is no current date, though with the expected monthly rollout it would be sometime in January of 2016.

A Controller HUD option was also added, which will cause on-screen prompts to appear, letting the player know what their input on the controller is specifically causing to happen in the game, an easier way of memorizing the layout.

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