Valve Launches Steam Creator Homepages; Now Available in Open Beta

Valve Launches Steam Creator Homepages; Now Available in Open Beta

A new feature arrived to Steam known as Creator Homepages, which will allow developers and publishers to have a dedicated area for their companies.

Valve has announced that its Steam client has received a new feature in open beta and is introducing Creator Homepages. The purpose of this new system is to help players discover more titles, as well as being able to connect with some of their favorite developers or publishers.

Players are able to set up notifications to inform them when a new title has been released from a specific developer or publisher, or even a new announcement. Those who are browsing can click on the name of the developer or publisher on the store page to be directed to their respective Creator Homepage.

There’s a list of available homepages already which can be found here. Valve states that this list will soon grow overwhelming and unusable as more creators build their new homepage, so to counter that, players will be able to find suggestions based on whatever titles that they’ve been playing recently.

This new Creator Homepage feature is available for any developer or publisher and can be customized to their liking to show their catalog of games, and any additional content such as DLC, demos, videos, and more. Games might be divided by genre or franchises, or maybe a fan-favorite title will be featured, or the top-selling title. These are some of the examples of how this feature can be customized, as any creator that a player is following will have new releases shown at the top of their Steam homepage.

Custom URLs will also allow easier sharing, and while it’s still in beta with some known bugs and issues, new features and improvements are planned to be added when they’re ready. Developers and publishers using the new Creator Homepage will be able to track visits and interactions with Google Analytics, use tags to filter lists, and much more.

Steam has recently been going through changes, with the announcement of Valve taking a step back from policing titles that arrive onto the client, and then announced what will be done to address fake games. On a design front, Steam beta users gained a new chat interface making the chat and friends system more appealing and easier to navigate.

Steam Creator Homepages are available now for players to browse, but also for those who create and publish games, allowing them to actually create and customize their new area on the Steam store.