Report: Steam Demanding Removal of Sexual Content from Games, Threatening Removal [UPDATED]

Report: Steam Demanding Removal of Sexual Content from Games, Threatening Removal [UPDATED]

Apparently Valve has been cracking down on sexy content in several games, threatening their removal from Steam if they are not censored.

Multiple game developers have been tweeting about warnings received from Valve about the content included in their games distributed on Steam.

Apparently, the company behind the popular digital download platform is cracking down on quasi-sexual content, threatening the developers involved of removal if the games are not censored before the deadline.

So far, we have seen this kind of report only from developers working on visual novels or games with a markedly anime-ish art style. Below you can read a few examples from Huniepop developer Huniepot and Tropical Liquor developer Neko Works.

Mutiny!! developer Lupiesoft provided a more extensive comment on the situation, that you can see below in its entirety. They also maintain that their game does respect Steam’s guidelines.

The situation appears to be certainly odd, especially considering that games like Huniepop are already censored exactly to comply with Steam’s guidelines, and their sexual content can only be restored via external patches.

It’s also relevant to mention that there are plenty of games that don’t involve this kind of art style but include plenty of sexual content and nudity, like The Witcher series, or Conan Exiles. At the moment there are no reports from their developers about having received similar notices, even if this does not necessarily mean that they didn’t.

We reached out to the developers involved in order to receive updates on the situation, and to Funcom and CD Projekt RED to verify whether or not they have been affected by Valve’s warnings. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Update: Mangagamer also disclosed that they have received the same warning for their game Kindred Spirits on the Roof. The same goes for Sekai Project with Re;Lord. 

Update 2: Funcom confirmed to DualShockers that they did not receive any warning from Steam about their game Conan Exiles.