Steam Launches New Digital Gift Cards to Send to Your Friends

Steam Launches New Digital Gift Cards to Send to Your Friends

Steam has new ways to give the gift of gaming to your friends with the introduction of a new Digital Gift Card option in the Steam store.

Since its introduction in 2003, Steam has dominated the sales of PC games everywhere and for those looking for a little more flexibility when it comes to sharing games as gifts with friends, Steam is offering new digital cards to gift to your friends.

Valve has debuted a new Digital Gift Card option on its storefront that will allow users to purchase Steam Gift Cards and send them directly to their friends in pre-determined amounts varying from $5-100, which will then be transferred to that friend/family member/loved one’s account and deposited into their Wallet so they can use the credit to purchase games and more on the store.

According to Valve, a few restrictions/terms should be noted when it comes to sending a gift card. The first is that gifts can only be sent to someone on your friends list, and must have been on your friends list for at least 3 days, and the other point is that Gift Cards can be sent to users in other countries, though the amount will be converted based on the transaction rate of where it is being sent to, based on the gift recipient’s location.

Gifting of digital games on the store has been in place for quite some time, though the previous system involved sending specific digital games or items to players on the store. With the new Digital Gift Card option, users will now have a little more flexibility in being able to send gifts to their friends for games they might want, without either getting them something they might already have or might not want.

For a closer look at the Digital Gift Card options or to send something to a friend on Steam now, you can click here.