Steam Game Festival Hosts More Than 500 Demos, Kicking-off Next Month

Steam Game Festival Hosts More Than 500 Demos, Kicking-off Next Month

February is going to start big for Steam users with over 500 free demos available in Steam Game Festival.

Aside from any game that might be your most anticipated one in February 2021, there will be a great opportunity for PC gamers on Steam next month. Starting from February 3, Steam Game Festival will offer more than 500 game demos for free.

As revealed in a new trailer from the first Steam Game Festival in 2021, you will get access to hundreds of demos from indie and big titles that are yet to be released. Among all these 500 games, you can spot a handful of them in the teaser trailer below, including The Riftbreaker, Hazel Sky, Fling to the Finish, Black Book, Almighty: Kill Your Gods, Shady Knight, Genesis Noir, Bloodroots, Aerial: Knight’s Never Yield, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, Blunt Force, Children of Silentown, and Narita Boy.

One of the biggest Steam Game Festivals already launched back in Summer 2020 with some special demos available from big indie titles of the last year such as Ghostrunner. Now, it seems the policy will strongly be continued by Steam as it provide a great opportunity for indie developers to showcase a little bit of their games to the audience around the world.

Currently, there is no list of all the demos that will be available via Steam Game Festival next week, but as soon as the festival begins, you can find what you’re seeking for through Steam’s dedicated page for free demos. For this purpose, if you want to jump into the festival as soon as it kicks-off, then you’d better know that all demos will be available as of February 3 at 1 pm ET/6 pm UK until February 9.

Just a few days after Steam Game Festival ends, a new festival of offers and discounts will reportedly begin as the Lunar New Year Sale. Steam hasn’t officially revealed this one yet, but since it happens every year, it will probably be announced sooner rather than later.