Steam Handles Close to 50,000 Refund Requests Per Day

Steam's refund service receives more requests per day than all other services combined.

Valve began offering users the ability to request refunds for their games back in 2015 given that they played the purchased title for fewer than two hours and requested the refund within fourteen days after purchase. Since that time, it seems like users have definitely taken advantage of the service. has reported that as of May 4th, 49,119 refunds were requested within a 24 hour period. The Steam support page says that all of these requests are dealt with between 1.35 hours and 1.53 days. Considering the number of requests that go through on a daily basis, it’s quite impressive that they can all be dealt with so quickly.

Refund requests outnumber all other requests that Steam receives combined, which total at 16,535. Of this number, 12,366 are listed as requests regarding account security and recovery, 2,211 are filed under technical support, and 1,776 are attributed to purchase and billing support. It’s pretty insane that refund requests alone triple the combined number of requests that Steam receives in all other areas.

If you want to take a look at the numbers for yourself, you can head over to Steam’s support page which lays everything out nicely with some handy charts. It’s interesting to get a look at just how Steam users utilize the many services that Valve offers.

Logan Moore

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