Steam Labs' Play Next Feature Recommends Games From Your Existing Backlog

If you've got a backlog of unplayed games, Steam now recommends what it thinks you may enjoy from your existing library.

Every single person that has a Steam account will know the pain of having a plethora of games sitting in the library, either installed and unplayed or uninstalled and still unplayed. Unless of course, you’re some freak from another universe where you actually play every game you buy on Steam. Well, for the normal folk, Steam has introduced a new system to help you get through your backlog of games you probably want to be playing.

Valve’s next Steam Labs Experiment is the eighth experiment to grace the digital launcher. The“Play Next” feature recommends what games you may want to play based on games that you have unplayed in your library.

Experiment 7, which is not released yet, started development before Play Next but is still not ready to go live yet. Just in case you noticed number 7 isn’t listed on the official page.

Valve explains that the feature makes use of the same technology that powers Interactive Recommender, a feature that uses your Steam play history to bring personalized recommendations to your Steam store page. To avoid overwhelming you with every game you’ve not yet played, the Play Next feature only shows three games at a time, however, if the three don’t take your fancy, you can load more options.

Each choice comes with a short micro-trailer when you hover your cursor over it so you can see what the game looks like. There’s also a section that shows you what games you’ve played that led to the recommendation. For example, I’ve been recommended Bioshock Remastered because I’ve previously played Bioshock, Metro 2033 Redux, and Dishonoured.

Valve does state that the algorithm is still new and “it’s a work-in-progress. So don’t be surprised if it sometimes shows you some unexpected comparison points.”  I personally think this is a neat addition, especially as my GG| app is overflowing with games I still need to complete.

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