Amazon Discounts Steam Link to $20, Steam Controller to $35 for Limited Time

Amazon Discounts Steam Link to $20, Steam Controller to $35 for Limited Time

The Steam Link and Controller are both at nearly all-time lows on Amazon for a limited time for PC players looking for a little gaming flexibility.

2017 has been a busy season for gamers and so many new titles to enjoy throughout the year, the Steam Link (and the accompanying Steam Controller) offer a great way for PC gamers to enjoy their games in a more relaxed, living room setting, with both devices available at a discount now thanks to Amazon.

Amazon is currently featuring discounts on both the Link and Controller, with the Link available at $20 (compared to its usual $49.99 pricetag) and the Controller available at $34.99 (against its $49.99 MSRP).

Both the Link and Controller released in November 2015 and aim to provide a bit more of a “console-like” experience for PC gamers. Specifically, the Link can connect to a TV or other monitor from another location and stream games from a players’ computer on the same network, allowing a bit more flexibility in where and when players can play their PC games. Likewise, the Steam Controller offers a middle ground between the more precise controls of a mouse-and-keyboard and the feel of a traditional gamepad or controller.

For more info, you can click to head over to Amazon and check out the deals on both the Steam Link and Steam Controller while the deals last.