Seven Discounted Games Available on Steam in the Queer Games Bundle

Seven Discounted Games Available on Steam in the Queer Games Bundle

Developers have cut the price of seven games in half in the Queer Games Bundle including popular games like Gone Home and Tacoma on Steam.

Summer is always the time for saving on Steam, and the sales aren’t stopping just yet. A “Queer Games Bundle” has been launched on Valve’s platform, including seven discounted games, some popular and some a bit obscure, portraying queer characters and story elements.

The games include Gone Home (our review here), the first-person exploration game from Fullbright that essentially spearheaded the “walking simulator” genre. Similarly, Tacoma (our review here) is in this bundle, the game essentially being a sci-fi riff of the Gone Home-style of gameplay.

Fragments of Him is a narrative game with an emotional story and minimal art style, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is what the developer calls an “anti-adventure” game with a pixelized art style, and Ladykiller in a Bind is a visual novel full of mature content. Kickstarter-funded games Read Only Memories (our review here), a cyberpunk adventure game, and fairytale parody Your Royal Gayness are also included.

The bundle allows for Steam users to save 50% on all of these games combined, making for a total price of $54.93. It’s available for purchase on Steam from now until August 21.