Steam Has Created New Revenue Share Tiers For Successful Games

Steam Has Created New Revenue Share Tiers For Successful Games

Steam has created a new set of revenue share tiers for games that hit certain revue levels and has introduced some other minor updates.

Steam has announced a new set of updates that include everything from new revenue share tiers to updates to the Steam Distribution agreement.

To start, Steam has introduced new revenue share tiers for titles that hit certain revenue levels. Starting from October 1, 2018, titles that make over $10 million on Steam, the revenue shares for that game will adjust to 75%/25% on earnings past the $10 million mark. At $50 million, the revenue shares change to 80%/20% on earnings past the $50 million mark. Games that were released before October 1 will not be included in this new system.

It is noted that revenue includes everything from game packages and DLC, to in-game sales and Community Marketplace game fees.

Steam is also making a change to the confidentiality provisions to make it clear that partners can share sales data about their game as they see fit.

Some other smaller changes being introduced as well are:

  • Safety warranties prompted by VR
  • Language to address how customer data is treated under the 2018 European data rules (GDPR)

While this might seem like a minor change to some, it means that successful games and developers will have more money in their pockets, and that is always a big deal to them.