Steam Will Reportedly Host the Lunar New Year Sale As of February 11

Steam Will Reportedly Host the Lunar New Year Sale As of February 11

According to the latest leak from Steam Database, Steam will host a sale for celebrating the Chinese new year.

It seems the Lunar New Year Sale is going to be the first big sale of 2021 on Steam. As Steam Database revealed on Twitter, Steam has sent out some emails about the Lunar New Year Sale to its partners, referring to the beginning of the sale from February 11th as the Chinese new year starts as of February 12th.


It’s not the first time that Steam is going to celebrate the Chinese new year with a big sale. The same thing also happened last year around January, so, it is somehow predictable that Steam will probably launch another sale event for the Lunar year in 2021 as well. The most interesting part is what games are going to hit by heavy discounts this year.

Some of the big triple-A launches of November 2020 hit by significant discounts in the Christmas sale of last year, so probably the same games will appear again in the upcoming sales as well. Also, there’s a possibility that Cyberpunk 2077 might be on sale for the first time since its launch. Despite its release in the final days of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 was among Steam’s best-selling games of last year. Given that the game will receive two big patches in January and February this year, a discount in February could increase the number of sales significantly.

The games that are slated to launch before the Lunar New Year Sale in 2021 probably won’t receive any discounts unless they experience a poor commercial performance at launch.

As Steam Database has revealed, Lunar New Year Sale will end on February 15th, four days after its launch.