Steam Winter Sale Date Revealed; Prepare Your Wallets

Steam Winter Sale Date Revealed; Prepare Your Wallets

PayPal’s United Kingdom account has confirmed today via Twitter that Steam’s Winter Sale will begin on December 22nd.

Interestingly enough, the date can only be revealed if one clicks through the Tweet’s button prompt. Once done, the date “22.12.16” not only appears on the Tweet directly in front of the user, but on the user’s feed as well. That’s some pretty clever marketing, if you ask me.

Steam’s Winter Sale, as with all Steam sales, is infamous for steep discounts on the platform across a wide variety of genres. Though there’s no confirmation as to what games will be featured in the sale this year, it’s best to prepare your wallet well in advance.

Steam’s latest update, in addition to a variety of fixes and changes across the service itself, added native controller support for the DualShock 4 controller, meaning that once enabled in Big Picture Mode, users are able to use it with supported titles. Mappable inputs for the trackpad were featured in the update as well.

The aforementioned Tweet can be found below: