Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Might Be Coming West, Update on a Possible New Steambot Chronicles

Granzella founder Kazuma Kujo spoke about what comes next for Disaster Report 4 Plus and if a new Steambot Chronicles will ever be made.

Kazuma Kujo, head of Granzella, revealed Disaster Report 4 Plus might be releasing west at some point, and when a new Steambot Chronicles game might release. He spoke about it when answering a fan’s question through the Peing Twitter and Instagram app.

The fan’s question asks if a new Steambot Chronicles game will ever release. The fan said they’re still hyped about the Tokyo Game Show 2006 trailer of Steambot Chronicles 2. While the game later got canceled, they’re ready to wait even ten years for a new Steambot Chronicles.

In his answer, Kazuma Kujo stated that he’s currently busy with multiple projects: Making plans to release Disaster Report 4 Plus in the west. Making plans for a possible sequel. Working on Let’s Manga/Manga Kakeru‘s DLC. And lastly, Developing R-Type Final 2, which was announced early April 2019. In short, Kujo is currently fully booked. However, he added that he hopes to make a new Steambot Chronicles game one day and that hopefully, it won’t take ten years to happen.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories launched in Japan on PS4 in November 2018. The game’s final trailer was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018. A DLC taking place several months after the events shown in the game is also coming soon in Japan. The DLC was supposed to release at the end of April, but got slightly delayed, and is currently in its final adjustments.

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