Steampunk Puzzle Game The Watchmaker Launched with Gameplay Trailer

Steampunk Puzzle Game The Watchmaker Launched with Gameplay Trailer

Check out this launch trailer for The Watchmaker, a steampunk adventure game that has players control time and solve puzzles to save a mysterious tower.

On Thursday, publisher 1C Company shared a launch trailer celebrating the release of its new puzzle-adventure game The Watchmaker. This steampunk adventure finds players in the role of Alexander who lives in a world of giant clock mechanisms. Every day he repairs his beloved clock tower until one day it is sabotaged and causes Alexander to begin aging abnormally fast.

With a magnetic glove, the ability to control time, and a mysterious voice guiding him, Alexander must travel the halls of his tower to find the saboteur.  Players will work their way through five extensive locations while exploring for numerous collectible items, solving puzzles, and fighting different bosses. Alexander must undercover the tower’s secrets and restore time’s natural flow before he reaches the age of 90 and dies — an admittedly strange, but still enticing game mechanic.

The trailer, which you can check out below, shows Alexander completing different puzzles in order to advance through the tower.  However, the mysterious voice guiding him argues that time is only a matter of perspective and does not exist, which begs the question of Alexander’s reality.

The Watchmaker is available for PC through Steam, and if you download the game before May 24th, you’ll save 15%: