Steam’s Big Picture Further Blurs Lines Between PC and Console Gaming

on August 18, 2012 12:05 PM

How many of you have ever hooked up your computer to a big screen TV to play a game, or at least thought about it? While PC gaming isn’t exactly optimized for large screens, we all want it to happen, and Valve is pushing ahead with their aptly named “Big Picture.” This has nothing to do with the rumors of a Valve console that have been floating around, or at least so Valve has said.

In recent years Steam has expanded dramatically to include new types of games, indie games, support for Mac and soon Linux, and even movies such as Indie Game: The Movie. In fact, this might be all the more revolutionary if it doesn’t include a console. It will be interesting to see how this competes with other new projects such as Microsoft’s Smart Glass, which intends to tie in Xbox gaming and TV with mobile devices.

Even if Valve doesn’t go after Netflix or your local cable company by trying to offer TV and movie choices, this sort of thing is still light years ahead of anything EA has announced for their┬ácompeting┬ásystem, Origin. If Valve can suddenly deliver console games to your TV via a PC without the need for a new console, it could torpedo sales of the next generation consoles.

There’s an old saying in the gaming industry that Valve is five years ahead of everyone else. With other services and console gaming encroaching on their PC market share this could be just the jump they need to stay ahead. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes out for more, just don’t expect much anytime soon.

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