Steep Trophies on PlayStation 4 Requires Your Inner Completionist

on November 13, 2016 1:30 PM

Trophies for Ubisoft’s upcoming action-sports game Steep on PlayStation 4 have been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. There are thirty trophies, split between a platinum, five gold, twelve silver, and twelve bronze.

As with most Ubisoft games, to obtain the Steep platinum you will have to complete nearly everything there is to do in the game. Gold trophies require you to reach reputation level 25, reach 100% exploration and complete all mountain stories in the Alps, reach Legend rank in six different fields of expertise, and get all gold medals on Alps public challenges.

Six trophies are related to completing the “onboarding sequence.” Another trophy references a character from How I Met Your Mother with the title, “Legen… wait for it…” You can read the full trophy list below:


  • King of the mountain: Unlock all Trophies


  • The legend starts here: Reach REPUTATION level 25
  • No more secrets: Reach 100% exploration on ALL REGIONS in Alps
  • Mountain legend: Complete ALL the MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps
  • Legendary legend!: Reach the LEGEND rank in 6 different fields of expertise
  • 24 carats Gold challenger: Get all the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges


  • … and you shall find: Find and unlock ALL Drop Zones in Alps
  • Tour guide: Find ALL Points of Interest in Alps
  • The legend was not enough: Reach the LEGEND rank in 3 different fields of expertise
  • Shinier than Gold: Get all GOLD MEDALS in the Alps Invitational challenges
  • Scoring master: Score more than 2000 point in one jump (complete the Onboarding sequence)
  • Road to mountain knowledge: Complete 50% of the MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps
  • Red-letter day: Get 15 Different MEMORABLE MOMENTS
  • Like the back of your hand: Reach 100% exploration on one REGION in Alps
  • Legen… wait for it…: Reach the LEGEND rank in any field of expertise
  • Halfway there: Reach REPUTATION level 10
  • Challenge accepted!: Get all the Bronze Medals on Alps Public Challenges
  • 14 carats Gold challenger: Get 50% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges


  • You’re ready now: Complete the ONBOARDING sequence
  • You spin around: Perform your first 1080° (complete the Onboarding sequence)
  • Upside down: Perform your first double backflip (complete the Onboarding sequence)
  • Tourist: Find 10 Points of Interest in Alps
  • The memory remains: Get 1 MEMORABLE MOMENT of each category
  • The end of the World: Reach the end of ALPS game world (complete the Onboarding sequence)
  • Shaked by the bell: Fly into and ring the village church bell while wingsuiting
  • Seek…: Find and unlock 10 Drop Zones in Alps
  • Once upon a time: Complete a MOUNTAIN STORY in Alps
  • Gold-plated challenger: Get 10% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges
  • Crash Test: Fall and endure between 90 and 99.9 Gs (complete the Onboarding sequence)
  • Baby steps: Reach the ROOKIE rank in any field of expertise
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