Stellaris: Ancient Relics Lets Players Dig Into the History of the Old Worlds

Uncover the history of Precursor civilizations in upcoming Stellaris Story Pack - Ancient Relics. Players will sift through the ruins to find what made those people great and what led to their downfall.

Devoted Stellaris players have a plethora of expansions and story packs available to improve and expand the world they love. Now, Paradox Interactive is giving you the option to dig into the ruins of old civilizations in the Stellaris universe with the new Ancient Relics Story Pack. Give it a gander below.

Stellaris: Ancient Relics tasks you with uncovering the ruins of the Relic Worlds. While there, you will find out more about the old civilizations. Discovering how they rose to power and what led to their eventual demise is the main draw of the story pack.

Players will find clues to the stories behind two Precursor races, the Baol and the Zroni. The Baol are described as a “sprawling hivemind of plantoids”, while the Zroni are said to be “the most power psionics to have ever lived”. You will go to both civilizations’ homeworlds and try to learn everything you can about them.

You will also uncover the titular Ancient Relics. These valuable relics are rewards for major events, including finishing archaeological digs and solving story chapters. Relics earned will give a nice boost to your empire, making your space adventures that much easier.

As mentioned above, players will visit dig sites at the different Relic Worlds. These mysterious worlds were once full of life, but are now just ruins of the Precursor civilizations’ former glory. Each site will give you a six chapter story to sift through, which is where you’ll find those Ancient Relics and discover the fate of those who came before.

Stellaris is available now on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Ancient Relics Story Pack is coming soon.

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