Stellaris: Apocalypse Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Stellaris: Apocalypse Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Destroy planets in a single, devastating shot, or deter the same from happening to you in Stellaris: Apocalypse coming in February.

Paradox Interactive announced today that the newest expansion to the sci-fi empire-destroying space sim Stellaris: Apocalypse will be seeing release on February 22, 2018. The expansion will focus on a new warfare option that really changes the tides of war.

Stellaris: Apocalypse takes the typical Stellaris approach of combat and adds doomsday device-like weaponry. With weapons such as the “Colossus” weapon, players can wipe out entire planets in a matter of seconds, as long as they put forth the resources to build it. With new mechanics in place, players can use these weapons as they were intended, for mass destruction, or as a deterrent for other factions thinking of taking you on.

The game also brings a new Titan class capital ships, the largest vessels in Stellaris, and is capable of leading fleets and grant bonuses to any units under their wing. There is also a new faction that works differently from the rest called Marauders. They’re a nomadic people who live on the fringes and raid civilizations.

Lastly, for those who prefer a diplomatic approach, the new expansion offers new nonviolent features like the new Ascension perks and Civics. While the expansion focuses mostly on utter destruction, it’s nice to see other options available.

The story trailer for Stellaris: Apocalypse can be seen below. The game will release on February 22 exclusively for PC.