Stellaris Console Edition Expansion Pass Two Coming Next Month

Stellaris Console Edition Expansion Pass Two Coming Next Month

The Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, Apocalypse Expansion, and Humanoids Species Pack are rolling out for Stellaris Console Edition this year.

Paradox Interactive announced the Stellaris Console Edition Expansion Pass Two which brings another wave of DLC to the intergalactic 4X strategy game.

According to a post in the Paradox Interactive forum, the Stellaris Console Edition Expansion Pass Two will include the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, Humanoids Species Pack, and Apocalypse Expansion. The first DLC release will be Synthetic Dawn on May 12, 2020. While specific dates are not announced, the Apocalypse expansion is the next release, with the Humanoids Species pack to follow.

Expansion Pass Two will also be available on May 12, 2020. A price has not been announced, but Expansion Pass One is available right now for $24.99. Packs can also be purchased a la carte, which will probably be the case for the Expansion Pass Two additions. The Utopia expansion is $19.99, the Leviathans Story Pack is $9.99, and the Plantoids Species pack is $7.99. Again, prices for the Expansion Pass Two content has yet to be revealed, but it may be safe to assume the available DLC prices are indicative of what to expect.

The Synthetic Dawn Story Pack will give players the opportunity to start as the robotic society, the Machine Empire. The Apocalypse Expansion adds new offensive and defensive options including planet-killer weapons and non-violent features. The Humanoids Species Pack features new portraits and ship models.

Stellaris Console Edition is available now on Xbox One and PS4. If you’re playing on Xbox One, you can check out the strategy game via Xbox Game Pass.

If you want to get everything Stellaris has to offer, the PC version of Stellaris already has everything above available to purchase right now. If you have Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can check it out the base game at no additional cost.

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