Stellaris: Distant Stars DLC Gets Feature Breakdown Trailer

Latest DLC Stellaris: Distant Stars comes to players on Tuesday, promising new mysteries amidst the stars for players to explore and exploit.

Sci-fi exploration game Stellaris will be getting its latest DLC, entitled Stellaris: Distant Stars, this Tuesday, and to celebrate and hype up fans of the series, Paradox Interactive has released a new feature breakdown trailer, which you can view below.

Stellaris: Distant Stars promises to be a story pack focused on the discovery of new anomalies and awe-inspiring creatures amidst the black blanket of space. The new DLC will be adding unique solar systems and a mysterious sealed off constellation entirely removed from the galaxy we’ve come to know.

The feature breakdown trailer joins Paradox Interactive game designer Daniel Moregård as he narrates some pre-release beta footage from the new DLC. Distant Stars will add roughly 50% more anomalies and improve those that already exist, as well as some new anomalies unique to certain solar systems or solar formations.

Additionally, three new leviathans will be added, with two acting similarly to the space dragon from the Leviathans Story Pack. The third promises to be an altogether different experience, which we can expect to see as we explore the stars. Speaking of stars, there will also be a bunch of new star formations and types, so astronomers rejoice!

The biggest update to Stellaris will come in the form of the L-cluster, which exists outside of the galaxy that players will call home. L-gates, located near black holes, can be discovered and repaired in order to embark on a journey to the strange new L-cluster; the L-gate event promises to have multiple outcomes, so players can expect a great degree of variability depending on how they chose to complete event checks.

Stellaris players on Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs will be able to pick up Distant Stars come Tuesday, May 22, 2018 for $9.99. Of course, you can help give back to charity by picking up Stellaris via Humble Bundle. Check out the Feature Breakdown trailer below:

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