Stellaris "Dick" Update - Patch Notes Released (April 8)

The full patch notes are here!

The full patch notes have officially been released for the brand new “Dick” update coming to Stellaris, although the patch notes have been released on April 8 the official update isn’t set to go live until April 15.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about the new update and the Nemesis expansion. For those that want a more in-depth breakdown, check out the official breakdown video from Paradox Interactive.

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Stellaris Nemesis Expansion

Nemesis is the next big Expansion coming to Stellaris. According to the developers, the new Expansion is so big they’ve decided to name it after the most renowned science-fiction author there is, Philip K. Dick. Hence the 3.0 Update being titled “Dick”.

The Expansion will be released on April 15, you can find out more in the video above!

On April 8, Paradox released the full patch notes for the upcoming Stellaris “Dick” update.

Stellaris 3.0 “Dick” Update – Patch Notes

Below you will find the free features coming in the Stellaris “Dick” update on April 15. However, there are further patch notes that can be found at the Paradox Forum. Make sure to check them out to read the full changelog.

First Contact Rework

  • Choosing your Empire’s First Contact Protocol will affect how your Empire deals with other life forms you meet in the Galaxy.
  • Envoys now gradually establish First Contact, although there may be pitfalls along the way.


  • Gather information about alien Empires over time with the new Intel System.
  • Use Spy Networks, Diplomatic Agreements, or build trust between Empires to part the Fog of War and reveal their true natures.

Industrial Districts

  • Industrial Districts create Metallurgist and Artisan jobs. Alloy Forges and Civilian Industries now increase the number of jobs, with higher levels increasing the number of job per District.
  • Forge and Factory World Planetary Designations now increase the number of Metallurgist/Arstisan jobs per Industrial District.

Planetary Buildings

  • Upgrade Capital Buildings, Build City Districs, or research Technology to unlock more building slots on your planets.

Population Growth

  • Population Growth starts normally, with growth rate changing depending on Planet Capacity and total numbers of pops in an Empire.
  • Planet Capacity is determined based on Planet size, numbers of undeveloped (and unblocked) Districs and available Housing.
  • Hive Minds and Genetically Ascended Empires can now use Organic Pop Assembly, and can choose to assemble Organics instead of Machines.

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