Step Into the Dark and Beautiful Fairytale of Puppeteer With Five Newly Released Trailers

on June 5, 2013 3:35 PM

Sony has released the E3 trailers for their recently announced platforming adventure, Puppeteer, a brand new franchise developed exclusively for PS3 by SCE JAPAN Studio. Puppeteer is the tale of a young and unlucky boy named Kutaro who was whisked away to a black castle and transformed into a puppet. Worse yet, Kutaro displeased the Moon Bear King and had his head bitten off and his body thrown away. Luckily, Kutaro found a pair of magic golden scissors that can help him find his head and his way home.

The trailers are a cavalcade of colorful visuals with a mix of 3D models and 2D backgrounds that are made to resemble an actual puppet show. It even features audience sound effects that are reactive to the character’s in-game actions (the audience laughs if an enemy is dispatched in a comical way or gasps when Kutaro performs a particularly harrowing feat, for example).

There are also four other trailers that display the other types of heads Kutaro can collect to aid him in his journey (Knight, Pirate, Wrestler and Ninja). Each head bestows a unique ability to Kutaro which will prove vital on his journey. However, if he loses a head, he loses a life. Check the trailers out below to see the puppet boy in action.

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