Stephen A. Smith Features in a New Miles Morales Ad

Stephen A. Smith Features in a New Miles Morales Ad

Swinging in from the land of ESPN, Stephen A. Smith talks Miles Morales.

Stephen A. Smith is prolific in the world sports commentary and journalism, but now he’s making his way into gaming as well. This week, instead of promoting the Stephen A. Smith Show on Twitter, he was promoting the recently released Spider-Man: Miles Morales in a new video ad.

Posted to Smith’s official Twitter account, the ad features Smith hyping up the Morales Spider-Man while game footage and shots of a man making art flash on the screen. He speaks to the tag line for the game, “be greater,” when he says, “if you’re going to be Spider-Man, you’re going to need to rise to the challenge no matter what comes your way.”

The end of the brief ad shows a kid walk up to the art that was being made while Smith excitedly says, “Miles Morales IS Spider-Man.” The artwork itself is pretty cool and the ad is another to throw on the ever-growing pile of good gaming advertisements, but it’s a little curious why Stephen A. Smith was the one picked to do it.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched last week to favorable reviews and has generated tons of great fan art and other fan-made content like this video a fan made recreating the “leap of faith” moment from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse set to the song “What’s Up Danger.”

In addition to the Stephen A. Smith ad, Jaden Smith recently released a music video for his song off of the game’s soundtrack, “I’m Ready.” The video debuted on the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel and can be found right here.

For more on Spider-Man: Miles Morales, make sure to check out this article on the new line of Funko Pops that was announced last week. You can pick up a physical copy of the game off of Amazon right here to help support our website.