Steve Ballmer Hints at Natal Bundles, Form Factors

Steve Ballmer Hints at Natal Bundles, Form Factors


While speaking with computer science students at the Unniversity of Washington earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hinted at some upcoming plans for the Xbox 360 as well as natal. During the Q and A session,  Ballmer very sublty hinted at some Xbox 360 form factors and price points headed our way.

“for that big screen device here’s a piece of hardware that we build, there’s no diversity. You get exactly the Xboxes that we build for you. We may have more form factors in the future that are designed for various price points and options, but we think it’s going to [be] important.”

He also may have let out some Natal bundle news a bit early as this is the first time anyone at Microsofts makes any mentions of the motion device shipping WITH the Xbox 360 in the holidays.

“And when you see this Natal camera that comes with the Xbox this Christmas, I think what you’ll wind up saying is I’m glad they’re doing some hardware, too, because it permits a different kind of innovation, and we want to have both of those muscles working on behalf of you the user and the developer”

Take this with a grain of salt as Ballmer is known to, well, pretty much say anything he wants. We will definitely keep an eye out on this and will update as soon as we hear anything from Microsoft.