Steve is Officially Out In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve is Officially Out In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve has officially been added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate alongside a slew of new Mii Costumes and the 9.0.0 balance patch.

The day a new DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out is always too long. While most first-party Nintendo content drops on the Eshop at midnight Eastern Time, for some reason, most Smash characters drop at inconsistent times, generally close to 9 PM Eastern Time. But even then, predicting when the character is out is impossible especially when Nintendo servers are seemingly bombarded the moment a new character releases, forcing some players to sit on their home screen and mash the sequence of buttons needed to update a game until their copy eventually does, in fact, update.

Thankfully, our wait is over – Steve is finally playable in the game! Alongside Minecraft’s iconic protagonist, we’re also getting a slew of new Mii costumes, a new stage set in Minecraft, as well as the 9.0.0 balance patch that will add a few character adjustments and changes to stages and other minor bugs.


Outside of minor changes, bug fixes and the Small Battlefield stage, the last major update for Nintendo’s premiere party platform fighter released with the last DLC fighter, Min Min on June 29, so needless to say, Smash fans, especially hardcore players, are eager to learn which fighters have changes inbound. Of course, the arrival of the 9.0.0 update also means that players’ previously saved replays will no longer be valid and will be deleted following the update, unless they convert their match replays into videos in the Vault section of the game.

While Steve’s inclusion is largely exciting, it’s served as a double-edged sword for Smash fans, as some of the Mii Fighter costumes being added, like Travis Touchdown and Bomberman, represent characters that would otherwise be widely requested as newcomers for the game who aren’t likely to make it in as playable characters. That said, never EVER rule out Sakurai magic.