Steven Universe: Save the Light Gets a New Trailer at San Diego Comic-Con

Steven Universe: Save the Light Gets a New Trailer at San Diego Comic-Con

A new trailer for Steven Universe: Save the Light was released at Comic-Con giving the fans a glimpse of a few new characters.

Cartoon Network’s popular animated series Steven Universe is getting a console release later this year titled Save the Light and at San Diego Comic-Con a new trailer was revealed.

The trailer unveiled the inclusion of fan-favorite gem Peridot as one of the game’s playable characters, the use of fusions such as Stevonnie, Opal, and Sardonyx in battle, and even the inclusion of a new game-exclusive gem, an evil Peridot nicknamed Squaridot.

According to the game’s description, Squaridot is an ally of the game’s yet-to-be revealed main villain, and guards the Great North for them. The rest of the trailer shows off the game’s vibrant art style quite nicely, and provides more detailed glimpses at the game’s battle system, showing just how developer Grumpyface Studios has really expanded production since Save the Light was first revealed, making the gameplay even deeper.

Steven Universe: Save the Light is the sequel to the mobile game Attack the Light. It stars Steven and other major characters from the animated series, who are on a quest to rescue an ancient Gem weapon called the Prism from a mysterious new villain.

The game is expected to hit the PS4 and Xbox One this Fall as a digital-only title.