Stock Your Own First Insight Store with ‘Sold’

on August 11, 2010 1:54 PM

Stock Your Own First Insight Store with 'Sold'

This virtual simulation title from First Insight will allow the creation of your own store including stocking, upgrading, and setting the price on virtual items then gaining insight on how these decisions play out with the results simulation. This type of marketing simulation blurring the lines of research and video game is an increasingly used tactic to address the need for consumer feedback while providing incentive for users to give that feedback in an interactive, slightly entertaining way. The goal of this experiment from First Insight is to “Collect customer sentiment and feeling”, “Understand which consumer segments are most likely to use which products”, “Create viral promotion of products on social networks”, and “Target recommendations for sales increase” all by simply getting a mass amount of people to try out this pseudo-game. If you’d like to participate in this evaluation of the market tool, give the demo a shot here.

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