Stoic Announces Banner Saga 2’s Survival Mode DLC is Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Stoic Announces Banner Saga 2’s Survival Mode DLC is Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Yesterday, developer Stoic and publisher Versus Evil announced that Banner Saga 2’s Survival Mode is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The newly released Survival Mode is designed to push players to the limits and offer the ultimate challenge in turn based combat battle tactics. In it, plays must survive 40 back to back, escalating combat levels. At the start, players must assemble a squad of six hoeroes and lead them in battle against wave of enemies. As you progress, you will earn Renown to equip new items and to unlock heroes (there is up 40 characters) to replace those who have fall in battle. Heroes that do fall are notably lost forever, but can be given a Viking Funeral to regain Renown. The mode features Normal and Hard difficulty modes and boasts leaderboard support.

If you have already purchased the game on PS4 or Xbox One, you can buy Survival Mode as an addition for $4.99 USD. Additionally, there is now The Banner Saga Complete Pack, which includes both The Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2 and now also the Survival Mode DLC for $37.99 USD.

Steve Escalante, General Manager at Versus Evil accompanied the announcement with the following:

“Adding the Survival Mode DLC to consoles is going to extend the Banner Saga experience for our fans. Survival Mode is pure strategy and is catered to those who want to get into epic viking battles.  The Stoic team has been nominated for Best Strategy Game with each Banner Saga 1 and 2 release so it is only fitting there is a mode that truly focuses on this game play.  We are excited customers can play the challenging Survival Mode for the first time on console!” he added.

Banner Saga 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Recently, Banner Saga 3, the final game in the trilogy was announced alongside a Kickstarter, which it smashed.