Stoic Planning to Work on a New IP Before Returning to Banner Saga after the Third Game

Stoic Planning to Work on a New IP Before Returning to Banner Saga after the Third Game

Stoic’s next, upcoming project, Banner Saga 3,  is set to conclude the trilogy which began back in 2014. And while Banner Saga 3 is likely a bit down-the-road (it doesn’t have a release date at the moment), the question is what’s next for the developer?

Over the years, The Banner Saga has garnered a relatively small, but hardcore following (which includes me). The folk at Stoic have done a terrific job of world and lore building, and even though the trilogy’s end is on the horizon, I can’t but help think that there is still plenty more to tell in that world. It would be a hard goodbye for me personally. Luckily, according to John Watson, Stoic’s co-founder and technical director — via a new interview with Game Watcher — I might not have to actually say goodbye after the sun sets on the trilogy.

Watson acknowledges the rich world that Stoic has created, and how it could take on things happening in parallel to the trilogy, or before the trilogy, or even after it. However, according to Watson it appears Stoic will let the series rest for a bit, and let the audience’s hunger build up. Watson specifically says the following:

“There’s a lot of world building in this trilogy and we left a lot of the history and certain events offscreen. The world is rich enough that we can take on things that are happening parallel to this trilogy, before, or even after the events players know. That said, we’d probably let the series rest for a bit and let the audience get hungry for the next thing.”

This begs the questions what’s next? Well according to Watson, Stoic is looking at exploring a new IP. What does this new IP entail? Well Watson didn’t reveal much, but did say to expect “something in a competitive, tactical combat capacity.” According to the co-founder, the team hasn’t sat down and drafted any idea, but the new IP is something that they are all interested in and something it would like to pursue if given the opportunity.”

Banner Saga 3 currently has no exact release date, and as of right now the game is only listed for PC and Mac, however, Stoic has said it plans to bring it — like the last two games —  to PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices as well.