Stonemaier Games Next Board Game is Pendulum

Stonemaier Games' Pendulum is an asymmetric worker placement game that uses real-time as a game mechanic.

Stonemaier Games is one of the premier board game publishers and developers. They’ve churned out hit after hit over the last few years. Even casual fans will recognize some of their hits like Scythe, Wingspan, and Tapestry. Today, the company announced its next game. As ever, Stonemaier is again pushing the industry forward with Pendulum.

Pendulum is described by Stonemaier’s Jamey Stegmaier as “a turnless worker-placement game featuring simultaneous play.” Essentially, what that means is that the game uses three different sand timers to facilitate a unique style of worker placement.

Instead of slowly taking turns as you move around the table. Players have to decide if they want to lock their workers into actions once a timer is flipped. Because everything is happening in real-time, you might expect the game to feel hectic. However, Pendulum doesn’t play anything like this. Because time is a resource, you’re not frantically trying to make moves. Instead, you must carefully consider how to best use it to win the game.

We’ve seen games use sand timers in innovative ways before. That said, having a name like Stonemaier behind the product certainly adds another level of intrigue. Plus, Pendulum is the “highest-rated prototype in the history” of Stonemaier’s game design event. That’s pretty high praise.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to get that pre-order in. Pendulum pre-orders go live sometime in August. Considering the initial allotment of pre-orders for Stonemaier’s last game sold out almost immediately, you’ll want to get in quick. Stay tuned to DualShockers for all the big board game announcements hitting this summer.

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