Stoneshard, a Great-Looking Diablo-Inspired Turn-Based RPG, Launches in Early Access Next Week

Stoneshard wears its Diablo inspiration on its shoulders but is still doing a ton to differentiate itself from Blizzard's classic series.

In 2018, Ink Stains Games successfully ran a Kickstarter for their game Stoneshard. Since then, the game has picked up HypeTrain Digital (Police Stories) as a publisher, while continuing to just better and better looking. And now, the turn-based RPG that was initially slated to be out a while ago, is finally ready for its early access launch. It’s an exciting time for the team, and they’ve put their best foot forward with a new trailer. It looks great. Give it a watch below.

Games like Diablo immediately come to mind as far as inspiration goes. The inventory screens and menu design, in particular, look like cuter versions of the classic ARPG. However, this is a turn-based game. So, while it might look like Diablo in places, it plays very differently. Stoneshard’s combat is brutal. You’ll need to thoughtfully consider each and every action if you want to get out alive. And, just like Diablo, the dungeons are procedurally-generated. So, you’ll never know exactly what’s around the corner, forcing you to always be on your toes.

The Diablo parallels extend to itemization as well. At least in terms of the sheer variety of equipment available. There are over 200 different equipment pieces for you to collect and, interesting, none of them come with level or class restrictions. Mesh that with over 100 abilities to learn and possibilities seem endless for the creation of powerful and inventive builds.

On top of all that are deep systems for managing your health and psyche. It’s not just about popping health potions and fighting baddies. You’ll need to do your best to hold it all together in the tough world Ink Stains has built.

Stoneshard launches into early access on PC February 6.  The team plans to stay in early access for a year or two, so there’s still plenty of work to do be done. That said, I haven’t seen many more promising games come to early access in the last year.

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