Stop Being Rude and Introduce Yourself to Pikmin 3

Stop Being Rude and Introduce Yourself to Pikmin 3

Nintendo is doing its best to promote its latest irresistible creatures of Pikmin 3; from screenshots to trailers to even commercials marketed to children.

Just in case you still have no clue what a Pikmin is, Nintendo will leave no person in the dark nor any leaves unturned as it has rolled out its latest video to introduce you to everything Pikmin 3; you no longer have any excuses to feel or be left out.

The inhabitants of your planet Koppai are suffering from a shortage of food and are sent out to find resources. You’ll journey along with Alph, Charlie and a representative from the colonized moon Kopali, named Brittany.  Things don’t go as planned as they crash-land on the Pikmin planet but they find it has an abundance of fruit. However, since the fruit is much larger than that of their home planet, they cannot retrieve it themselves. Instead of worrying about their circumstances and giving into defeat, they find and grow Pikmin to help them harvest the fruit and return the seeds to their home world to prevent their people from dying of starvation.

The video teaches you not only about about navigating the colorful Pikmin planet (PNF-404) but also gives step-by-step instructions on to how use the Wii remote controller and introduces the different various Pikims available at your disposal; including their behaviors, their skill set and interactions with puzzles and obstacles you’ll face. It’s rather informative.

To learn more about the Pikmin’s world and the challenges faced in Pikmin 3 watch the video below.

In even happier news Pikmin 3  released today for the Wii U.