Stop Stress on the Wii!

By Gary Marston

November 2, 2009

Boys and girls of Dualshockers, I ask you a question. Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you’d never got out of bed? Answer yes? WELL – In Stop Stress: Day of Fury you guys get to play as Jack, a man with dangerously high blood pressure and possibly carrying the most stress out of anyone on earth. As the little stress-head-hero, you have only one objective – to fulfill the ultimate dream of escaping from the city into a stress free zen-like existence.

Unfortunately for you guys, the path to a trauma free life is littered with madcap enemies such as a killer toaster, a baby gorilla and a hell-bent crazy cop who wants to fuel your temper and make you lose your cool. To deal with these wacky menaces, players must use a selection of crazy weapons including a slipper, giant baseball bat and axe as they proceed to wreak total carnage on anything and everything in their path.

Stop Stress: A Day of Fury is the perfect antidote for the modern, city living, stressed out gamer,” said Ignacio Garcia Gonzalez, the producer at Abylight, “You will experience the highs and lows of a manic world as you will constantly move onto the next crazy encounter to see what traumatic event unfolds next.”

This all sounds well and good, but we’re forgetting one teenie weenie bit of information – it’s on the Wii. Can we expect a solid, witty and entertaining new title? Or will it just be another tiny gimmick in order to get customers to purchase extra peripherals? Time will tell.

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