Storm in a Teacup Unveils a Magical Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Storm in a Teacup Unveils a Magical Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Publisher Rising Star Games and developer Cobra Mobile has today announced that their puzzle/platformer game Storm in a Teacup is now available on the eShop

With puzzlers growing all the time due to their fun and energetic nature, it was only a matter of time before another quirky platformer/puzzle game came onto the scene, so in saying that, publisher Rising Star Games has announced today that their magical game Storm in a Teacup, is now available to download and play all over the world on the trusty Nintendo Switch.

In Storm in a Teacup, you take on the character of Storm and his enchanted teacup, as you and your cup set out into a surreal world created by his brother Cloud. On writing that, it sounds more like a Salvador Deli painting come to life or the beginning of a Pink Floyd music video.


On this trippy and dream-like adventure, players guide Storm through each level navigating platform jumps, avoiding dangerous enemies, and grabbing sugar cubes and other collectibles to achieve the highest score possible. To up the challenge further, there will be a multitude of complex puzzles in your way and you will have to overcome these if you are to succeed.

Storm in a Teacup Game Features:

  • Simple controls for accessible and enjoyable gameplay
  • Fiendish puzzles across a multitude of levels
  • Earn stars as you conquer each stage
  • Easy pick-up-and-play game for players of all ages

Storm in a Teacup is available now in the Nintendo eShop for $2.99

Check out the Storm In A Teacup launch trailer below: