Story Adventure Game Metaphora Goes Live on Square Enix Collective; Gets New Trailer

Story Adventure Game Metaphora Goes Live on Square Enix Collective; Gets New Trailer

Today, MOONYCAT’s story adventure Game Metaphora went live on Square Enix Collective. It is currently in development for PC, though a release on other platforms could be in the cards.

What is Metaphora?

Metaphora is the name of a small hollow planet filled with fascinating and crazy wildlife
You play as LUX, a small star that has fallen from the sky, seeking a route home where he belongs.

During his journey, LUX will discover why stars are disappearing from the night skies while you will be confronted by an enemy, a disease called the “NEOVIRUS” that disrupts and corrupts the internal ecosystem of METAPHORA.

By using the power of wildlife, our hero will delve into combat against the NEOVIRUS and make Metaphora blossom again. “It is high time to rekindle the stars.”

The gameplay is centered around exploration of different areas of planet. To progress through the adventure and reach the sun, you will have to use the power of wildlife to unlock the passageways that hinder Lux’s progress. Along the way you will discover the story of an ancient civilization who once populated the planet, as well as face natural cataclysms ravaging the planet like giant tornadoes, flame geysers, sand tsunami’s and thunder cyclones.

Metaphora also boasts a procedurally generated ecosystem on the planet, the ability to modify your environment and interact with wildlife in real time, and a narrative that will have a direct impact on gameplay itself.

As you may have noticed the game is being published by Square Enix Collective. What is Square Enix Collective? Well essentially, it’s Square’ helping small teams build awareness for their games by helping them publish. The studio retains full creative control and rights to the IP. You can read more about it here.

Metaphora currently has no release date information. Check out a new alpha gameplay trailer below: