Story Details Emerge for New Suikoden Title

Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Hundred Years is the newly announced title that we got out of TGS. Let me first say that this is great news, as I enjoyed the older Suikoden games that I played, and are probably some of the most underrated RPGs of generations past. The story details for the game that Famitsu revealed this week seem awfully familiar, though, and not necessarily to Suikoden fans. This scenario screams Final Fantasy X, except probably without being as epic and, of course, without the crazy laugh scene.

Apparently every 100 years a crazy mad monster comes to the world to wipe the place clean. How does civilization survive if it’s every hundred years? Who knows. Anyway, an orphan boy from the future ends up somehow coming to the past and, of course, then is tasked with stopping this abomination from happening.

Some of the game’s main characters were revealed, as well. The lead – the orphan boy from earlier – is not named, but he has a friend named Jino, a sister named Myra and there’s also a soldier named Dukas that joins them in the past on this journey to save all life as they know it.

There was also mention of some wireless features, but these will not be of a multiplayer type, as this is solely a single-player game. Konami has not set a release date for this PSP title yet, but it’s probably a safe bet we’re looking at next year sometime in Japan. Naturally, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the hopes that it will come overseas as a downloadable-only title for the Vita.

Chad Awkerman

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