XSEED Wants to Bring Story of Season: Trio of Towns DLC West, but It Wont Be Easy

XSEED Wants to Bring Story of Season: Trio of Towns DLC West, but It Wont Be Easy

XSEED updates fans on the roadblocks to be encountered with localizing the rather large DLC for Story of Season: Trio of Towns.

XSEED updated their localization blog today with details about Story of Season: Trio of Towns, coming to Nintendo 3DS on February 28.

The update lets fans know about the status of localizing the game’s DLC for western players. The issue stems from just how big the DLC is for the rather small publisher. To put it in perspective, the first Corpse Party was 210,000 characters while the DLC for Trio of Towns comes in at about 200,000 characters.

Here is the list of DLC available for free and released over six months in Japan:

  • A new bachelor and bachelorette: Stephanie the contest MC and Woofio. Yes, Woofio the contest judge in the dog suit. This includes new resident and romance events for these characters
  • A few new events such as your father coming to visit and getting together with friends of the same gender for a meal
    The ability to have a child with the game’s secret marriage candidate
  • A new “performer” story (Which are similar to the TV channels in the previous Story of Seasons)
  • A new pet, Cheburashka, a Russian cartoon character that has a presence in Japan
  • New costumes, including ones based on Lest and Frey from Rune Factory 4
  • New reaction dialogue for different outfits and pets from bachelors and bachelorettes

The publisher transparently reveals that in order to localize this DLC it would cost six figures. So, if they do decide to do it, they would need to charge for the patches. This price point would be set at around $3.99 each for three separate patches.

At this time, XSEED is still discussing whether it is worth localizing the DLC, but John concludes, ” I wrote that it kills us to release a game without all the content of the original version. Dealing with this situation has been even harder than removing Hamtaro from the game, as I know that some of you are looking forward to wooing Stephanie or Woofio, or having a child with the secret marriage candidate. We want to work on the DLC. (Though, I don’t know if the person tasked with editing over 500 lines of Woofio dog puns will feel the same.)”