Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained - Does Max Die?

Eleven defeats Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2, but she doesn't exactly win the battle.

July 1, 2022

The final two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 recently dropped on Netflix. Volume 2 of the latest season focused mainly on the fight against Vecna, who wants to open four gates in Hawkins to bring Upside Down to this world. Vecna opens a gate with each kill, so he needs only one more victim’s life to move his plan forward. Max realizes that she is still marked by Vecna, but instead of hiding, she decides to become bait while her friends try killing the enemy in Upside Down.

Eleven, who just got her powers back, piggybacks on Max’s mind to help her out against Vecna. So, while Eleven is fighting Vecna’s consciousness, the rest of the group is in Upside Down to kill Vecna’s physical body. At first, Eleven uses the surprise element to overpower Vecna, but eventually, Henry gets control of the situation. He breaks Max’s limbs and gets pretty close to killing her, but fortunately, Eleven finds the courage to fight and defeats Vecna.


Nevertheless, Max’s injuries and trauma were enough to kill her, which means that Vecna successfully claimed his fourth victim’s life. The four gates in Hawkins were opened, which creates a massive crack on the surface and brings Upside Down to this world.

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In a sense, Eleven loses the battle against Vecna even after defeating the enemy in direct confrontation. However, El refuses to let her friend die and uses her powers to bring Max back to life. It’s hard to say what exactly El did at that moment, but whatever she did worked, at least to some extent.

Lucas confirms that Max was dead for over a minute, but suddenly, her heart starts functioning again. However, Max is still in a coma, and it’s hard to say when she’ll be conscious again. Eleven uses her powers to search for Max’s consciousness by entering her mind, but she doesn’t find anything. So, even though Max’s body survived the whole ordeal, the trauma from the entire experience sent her into a coma. It’s safe to assume that Eleven will find a way to bring Max back, but we’ll have to wait for Stranger Things Season 5 to see that happen.

Since all the four gates to Upside Down are open, the mysterious dimension is now leaking into Hawkins. The massive earthquake puts a crack on Earth’s surface, which brings in Upside Down’s atmosphere to Hawkins. So, it’s safe to assume that Mind Flayer would use the same crack to bring his army to this world. The Hawkins gang will be left with no choice but to fight the enemy to prevent the Mind Flayer from consuming this world.

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