Left 4 Dead Writer Reveals Stray Bombay is Working on a “First Person Network Shooter”

Left 4 Dead Writer Reveals Stray Bombay is Working on a “First Person Network Shooter”

Stray Bombay is working on a co-op FPS that learns your habits.

We may never see Left 4 Dead 3, although we have seen the Left 4 Dead titles cross over with Dying Light recently. But how about this instead? The Left 4 Dead writer, Chet Faliszek has confirmed that his new studio co-founded with Kimberly Voll, is working on a co-op first-person shooter.

Stray Bombay, Faliszek’s new studio, is working on a new “first person network shooter” that runs on the Unreal Engine. That’s what he said at the Reboot Develop conference that took place last week.

Earlier this year, VG247 reported that Faliszek was forming Stray Bombay with a former Riot Games designer, Kimberly Voll. The official blog post can be found here. The studio stated that it would have a focus on creating co-op games that bring players together.

Voll is an AI and player psychology expert, which seems to be playing a part in changing the way Stray Bombay wishes to use matchmaking systems. Faliszek said, “One of the things that my co-founder worked on at Riot was about matchmaking and how we think about it,” He goes on to explain how Left 4 Dead, for example, ask players if they want to add the members of their team as a friend, which he explains feels like going from a date to marriage and is “overstepping it”.

He explains, “But if you know from session to session what’s happening, you can say, ‘hey, these people play together, they’re looking for a game now on Thursday, so let’s put them in the room together and give them the opportunity to play again. For us, the metrics are about social, it’s not about skill.”

He then talks about how the design intentions will learn about your friends and habits, and that it will then manipulate the gameplay to challenge players based on the data.

To explain, Faliszek says “These people played four games together and they won so let’s have the game go crazy against them, let’s give them something that will kick their asses. We can make it easier and harder because if we’re tracking them over sessions we understand them. Nobody has done social matchmaking quite to the extent that we’re doing it.”

It was also confirmed that Stray Bombay is focused on creating short play sessions where players just choose a character and play without the need to level up or customize. Similarly to Left 4 Dead really then.

“We are going to ship a game that does not break ground with any new technology at all”

The game that Stray Bombay is working on doesn’t have any confirmed platforms, and at current it is unnamed.