Stray: Every Memory Location in Midtown

Each chapter in Stray contains one or several memories containing additional lore. Here's how to find the hidden memories in Midtown.

July 31, 2022

There are 7 memories total in Chapter 10 of Stray: Midtown. The first memory is discovered automatically as you progress the story as a beloved and adorable cat. However, the other 6 memories in midtown are hidden throughout the area. If you don’t want any specific spoilers, then this quick little hint is for you: in Midtown, all additional memories are located near something yellow.

Collecting B-12’s memories is the critical path of progression in the game. As you discover the strange environment where your little cat has ended up, you uncover the memories of your companion. Helping B-12 understand their past memories ultimately helps you escape the area and get back to the world outside.


1. Main Story Memory

This is the first memory unlocked in this chapter, and it is the fourth main story memory after Antvillage. After a brief moment of dialogue, it is automatically added to your catalog once you enter the subway station.

2. Ledoc’s Bookshelf

After you arrive at the Subway station, cross the open subway and up the stairs. The main town is directly ahead, but don’t rush through the fence just yet. At the top of the stairs, turn right ,and you’ll see a small shelter with a bed in it. There is a robot sitting down next to a bookshelf.

Examining this bookshelf will grant you the next memory.

3. Alleyway Pillows

This memory is hidden quite well. There is an alleyway behind the nightclub where you’ll see a pylon-wearing robot, Albert, sweeping. You’ll need to do some climbing to access this hidden area.

First, jump up on the trash bin and then onto the awning. From there, jump back up to the air conditioning units and up onto a ledge. The memory can be found in this cozy corner bathed in blue light.

4. Barber Shop Storage

Near the big hologram in the center of Midtown, look for a small opening in the Barbershop window lit by yellow light. Jump on the couch and aim for the top of the ladder.

There is a small storage space up here that will have the next memory you need to unlock.

5. Mattbee’s Ceiling

Similar to the previous memory, there’s another store with another memory hidden above. In what looks to be a Diner, again lit up by yellow lights, you’ll find the robot, Mattbee. Jump on the counter and up to the ledge behind Mattbee.

If you look up, you’ll find a gap in the ceiling tiles that you can jump through. The next memory is hidden at the back of this area.

6. Closed Security Room

The next memory is located in a room next to the big Hologram. However, the door to it is shut and locked. In order to open the door to this room, you’ll need to progress the story some more.

After stealing the clothes and hat and entering the Neco factory, this door will be open when you return. The memory is affixed to the poster of a security drone in the center of the wall.

7. Nightclub Garage

The final memory is located on the lower level of the nightclub. To get into the nightclub, go to the back alley where our favorite pylon-adorned robot is sweeping. Jumping on a box will get you up to the pipes leading to the second floor of the Nightclub.

Look for the Bar and head to the back counter. There is a dumbwaiter that will take you down.

The final memory in this chapter is located on the table in the center of the room.

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