Streamer Accidentally Removes All His Followers While Trying To Remove Bots

January 21, 2022

Twitch Streamer Evan Gao was just trying to get rid of spam on his Twitch account, but it turned out to be quite a disaster for him, as things didn’t go as expected.

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If you are a growing streamer on Twitch, you might be well aware of how difficult it is to get followers. Amidst the hustle, many a time someone just fills your account with fake followers, and that ruins things to quite an extent. One streamer was trying to fix just that, but things went further south for him.

Streamer Accidentally Removes All His Followers While Trying To Remove Bots

On the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, user AustinandGaming posted a clip of the incident. Using the Twitch Tools website Evan was trying to get rid of some of the fake followers on his Twitch account. However, he forgot to add the filters to select the bots, and due to that, he accidentally removed all of his followers from his account.

It took a while for him to realize as some of the followers raised their concerns about the fact that they were not following him on Twitch. At first, he thought he screwed something up, but eventually, it hit him that he had accidentally blocked everyone while trying to remove bots from his account.

He adds, “That actually sucks. I’ve banned literally thousands of people because I went through a list of known bots. Now it’s going to be impossible to tell between the real people and the bots”. After the incident, his follower count has gone back up to 1800 but is still far from his initial number. That being said, the streamer thinks that this incident will get him some good content, and considering the fact that the post already has over 6000 upvotes on Reddit, he would expect that he gets back at least some returns for the massive blunder.

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