Streamer Becomes First Player to No-Hit Dark Souls Trilogy

Dark Souls Streamer The_Happy_Hob became the first ever player to complete all three games back-to-back without ever getting hit.

People often conflate hard games with Dark Souls. “It’s the ‘Dark Souls‘ of puzzle-solving RPG mystery indie games,” they say. While these comparisons are every Dark Souls fan’s nightmare, the games are not easy for the average player. With that said, streamer The_Happy_Hob beat all three games in the series without getting hit.

Having trained for a year, and falling just shy of the finishing line (to the Soul of Cinder), The_Happy_Hob completed his no-hit run in reverse order (From Dark Souls 3 to Dark Souls) last week.

You can check out the emotional completion clip below.

With that final thrust, The_Happy_Hob became the first player and only player so far to no-hit the entire series.

If you watch the entire stream then you should understand a few things for context. There is a scripted death during the Seath encounter in Dark Souls which cannot be avoided and does not count. He also is careful to calculate falling damage into his run (which also does not count as being hit) in order to gain the AR buff from the Red Tearstone Ring.

For more Souls news, check out the recent unveiling of the Solaire amiibo and Dark Souls Remastered.

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